• Ginpertec Algae control water treatment ultrasonic algae controller
  • Ginpertec Algae control water treatment ultrasonic algae controller
  • Ginpertec Algae control water treatment ultrasonic algae controller

Ginpertec Algae control water treatment ultrasonic algae controller

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Product Description

The algal eliminator adopts unique ultrasonic technology, selects a specific frequency to emit sound waves, instantly processes algal cells, and can effectively inhibit algal cells in 1-3 minutes to prevent the formation of algal bloom. The effect is obvious in 7-9 days. Ultrasonic algae control design, the emission of ultrasound, can destroy the biofilm and survival, thus eliminating the formation of algae. Using the frequency of ultrasonic to destroy algae is chemical and environmental friendly. Low energy consumption and continuous operation.

Product features:

1. High tech ultrasonic sterilization to prevent algae regeneration.

2. It is harmless to aquatic organisms, maintains the ecological balance of water area, and has no secondary pollution.

3. A wide range of applications, different series of products can adapt to different needs.

Main applications:

Environmental treatment: open water area in the park, landscape pool of golf course, sunshine swimming pool, reservoir and lake

Industry: Industrial reservoir, large cooling tower reservoir, water treatment plant

Agriculture: spray irrigation and drip irrigation system for agriculture, animal husbandry irrigation reservoir, flower shed and vegetable greenhouse

Marine fishery: aquaculture and shellfish culture

It is widely used in man-made rivers, lakes and some landscape water bodies. It can not only avoid algae problems, but also ensure the water is clear and fresh without special maintenance!


Ginpertec  ultrasonic algae removing device


Ultrasonic has the function of degrading organic pollutants, removing algae and inhibiting algae. Its main mechanism is that water undergoes "cavitation effect" under the action of ultrasonic radiation. Under this "cavitation effect", water undergoes a series of dynamic cycles, such as alternating oscillation, expansion, compression and collapse, resulting in instantaneous and microscopic high temperature (> 5000K), high pressure (> 5 × 107pa), Hot spots are formed. After several microseconds, the hot spot is cooled instantaneously, accompanied by strong shock wave and micro jet reaching 100M / s, which creates an extreme physical environment for organic matter and algae. The O-H bond of water is broken to form hydrogen peroxide, which opens up the chemical reaction channel and increases the chemical reaction speed, so that the pollutants in water can be degraded under the action of high temperature, high pressure and hydroxyl radical, Ultrasonic wave has pulse effect on water body and resonance effect on algae. Water emits pulse sound wave with specific frequency to water through specially designed ultrasonic transducer. Water is a good conductor of sound wave. This kind of high-frequency wave spreads in water with little attenuation and can travel far. For example, the effective emission radius of a 220 V / 80 W ultrasonic device is 100-180 m and the effective emission angle is 180 degrees. Under the action of specific frequency of ultrasonic wave, algal cells produce resonance, which makes the cell membrane crack, and then the alga decays and perishes, floating first and then sinking. At the same time, ultrasonic technology can also deal with a variety of bacteria, viruses and all fungi. Many hydroxyl radicals produced by ultrasound can degrade the algal toxins, which will not cause secondary pollution and is harmless to other aquatic organisms and human beings.


Product features:


The energy saving effect is obvious, which can be reflected in 15 working days.


New design, simple structure and low failure rate


Ultrasonic frequency automatic tracking, automatic protection function


The removal rate of algae is more than 85%


Easy to operate, safe to use, high efficiency, strong sustainability and easy to maintain.


Technical parameters:


1. Power supply / signal generator: model cz-40


Power adjustable output: 5-60w, frequency: 37-42khz


Controllable pulse ultrasonic emission net weight: About 2kg


2. Piezoelectric frequency conversion energy converter: cv33, PZT lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric ceramics


Diameter: 56mm (stainless steel) length: 128mm


Weight: 1000g cable length: 10M (waterproof cable)


3. Ultrasonic radiation range: 80m-180m


Composition: launch tube, float tube, cable, control box


Product advantages:


(1) the time needed to repair the environment is short;


(2) the restoration project has no impact on the surrounding environment;


(3) the cost of repair technology is the least;


(4) no secondary pollution;


(5) in situ remediation can remove pollutants in situ, which is easy to operate;


(6) the operation cost is very low, only about 8% of the traditional pollution control methods.


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