40khzUltrasonic atomization debridement equipment

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Ultrasonic atomization debridement equipment

 Ultrasonic atomization debridement equipment uses high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves to form tiny particles of several μm to more than 100 μm, which breaks up the liquid into a mist to achieve wound debridement, humidification and disinfection. The device consists of two parts, which are divided into ultrasonic debridement tool head and ultrasonic drive power. The ultrasonic drive power source converts the common mains into a high-frequency electric signal input into the debridement tool head. The tool head is equipped with a high-performance ultrasonic transducer, which converts the high-frequency electric signal into high-frequency mechanical vibration and is output by the end face. When the solution flows through the end face, it is dispersed into a mist by high-frequency ultrasonic waves to achieve the use effect.



Customized depand on customer requirment 

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