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Product Description

Focused (HIFU) Piezoelectric Ceramic Transducer 2MHZ, 3MHZ, 4MHZ, 7MHZ, 8MHZ, etc.

        Ultrasonic Focused Ceramics (HIFU) is widely used in the beauty and weight loss medical industries. This year's rise of ultrasonic knives, thermal plastics weight loss meter, and excellent plastic weight loss meter are representative products.

Compared with the traditional laser beauty weight loss products, the advantage is non-invasive, safe and effective for a long time.

        The working principle is that the ultrasonic wave penetrates the human body to the set depth through non-invasive medium conductivity, and gathers a little, generates instantaneous high temperature, acts on the muscle aponeurosis system, causes the layer to shrink, and causes collagen to immediately shrink. And stimulate the massive regeneration and recombination of collagen, build a new collagen fiber network, enhance the elasticity from the bottom layer of the skin, and achieve the three functions of firming, wrinkle and shaping.



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