Ginpertec Ophthalmic A-mode ultrasonoscope 10mhz

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Product Description

A super is the abbreviation of A-type ultrasonic wave. It is based on the relationship between the time and amplitude of sound waves to detect the echo of sound waves, and its positioning accuracy is high. The eye A is to place the probe in front of the eye, and the sound beam propagates forward. Whenever an interface occurs, a reflection occurs. The echo is arranged in the form of a peak on the baseline according to the return time. The height of the peak indicates the echo intensity. The stronger the echo, the peak. The higher the height. A super-formation forms a one-dimensional image, which is difficult to explain the lesion, but has a higher discriminative power for the tissue. A super-axial resolution is high, and the liquid crystal digital display of the anterior chamber depth, crystal thickness, vitreous cavity length and shaft length with an accuracy of 0.01 mm is used for the measurement of the living structure of the eye. The A-type corneal thickness gauge can be used to measure corneal thickness with an accuracy of 0.01 mm for corneal thickness measurement before corneal refractive surgery.

Frequency: 10MHz

Pulse width: 350ns

Bandwidth: >60%

The contact surface has a biocompatibility report.

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