Ultrasonic HIFU head

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Product Description

High-intensity focused ultrasound, English High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, abbreviated as HIFU, is often referred to as "Hai Fu". The basic principle is to form a focused sound field through a concave array of a single concave piezoelectric ceramic piece or a plurality of piezoelectric ceramics, thereby achieving a higher sound intensity at the focus and performing external work, such as breaking up cell tissue, fat, etc. In order to achieve tumor treatment, beauty weight loss and other effects.

        Various focused piezoelectric ceramic sheets and transducers have been provided for high intensity focused ultrasound applications. The monolithic piezoelectric ceramic piece has a diameter of up to 2 mm, a maximum of 100 mm or more, and a frequency of up to 10 MHz.

Typical application

tumor treatment

Beauty skin

Fat burning

Other ultrasonic knife applications

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