• Ginpertec humidifier atomizing transducer
  • Ginpertec humidifier atomizing transducer
  • Ginpertec humidifier atomizing transducer
  • Ginpertec humidifier atomizing transducer

Ginpertec humidifier atomizing transducer

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Product Description

The important part of the humidifier is the atomizing sheet. The function of the atomizing sheet is simple: the atomizing sheet uses the principle of ultrasound to convert the water into a tiny water droplet by high-frequency oscillation, thereby generating a mist spray. The atomizing sheet has a ceramic atomizing sheet and a microporous atomizing sheet.
Ceramic atomizers are generally used in household humidifiers, because general household humidifiers are relatively large, and the voltage they need to drive is relatively large. The conventional ones are 24V-48V, so the power used is relatively large. It is used in 1.7MHz, 2.4MHz, 3.0MHz, and 3.5MHz. It is widely used to adjust the dry humidity of hotels, bonsai and home indoors to prevent the health of the body due to air drying. Although the price of ceramic atomized sheet is the same, it can achieve the same fogging effect. However, due to the low cost and disadvantage of materials, the ceramic atomized sheet can not achieve the ideal effect of high-end products, thus developing a good quality microporous atomized sheet. .
 The microporous atomizing sheet is the main accessory used in the humidifier nowadays, and the working principle of the microporous atomizing sheet is also very simple: the microporous atomizing sheet is placed on the water surface or connected to the absorbent cotton swab, and the fine pores are passed through the middle to utilize the high The frequency vibration instantaneously decomposes the water into small beads, which are ejected from the pores in the middle of the atomizing sheet.
The specifications of the microporous atomizing sheet are: 13.8mm, 16mm, 20mm, and the frequency is about 100-170KHz. The specific frequency varies with the specification of the atomizing sheet. The voltage is generally 3-5V, and the customer is atomizing. If there are special requirements for the specifications of the film, Dongguan Tiangong can be customized to do its best to meet the requirements of customers.
Since the microporous atomized sheet has the characteristics of good quality, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and long service life, it is widely used, not only for demanding medical instruments, such as medical nebulizers, medical inhalers, but also Suitable for small humidifiers, mini humidifiers, beauty instruments, aromatherapy machines, hair care appliances, etc.



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