• Ultrasonic vibrating rod catalytic reaction acceleration equipment
  • Ultrasonic vibrating rod catalytic reaction acceleration equipment

Ultrasonic vibrating rod catalytic reaction acceleration equipment

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Product Description

Ultrasonic vibrating rod catalytic reaction acceleration equipment


First, the equipment features:

The Focused Full Power Series is available for both laboratory and industrial sonochemical processing to meet the requirements of all users. Has the following characteristics:

1. Ultrasonic power density is super strong, can handle liquids that cannot be processed with low power density

2, multiple frequencies to choose from, to solve the sound processing problems in various industries

3, accelerate the reaction, can greatly shorten the original process time

4. The extraction rate increases, the utilization rate of raw materials increases, and resources are saved.

5, reduce energy consumption

6, saving catalyst

7. Breaking macromolecular chains

8, less investment, easy to install

9, suitable for high pressure, high temperature, toxic, explosive environment applications

Second, the basic principles

Mechanical action--Introduction of ultrasonic waves into the chemical reaction system. Ultrasonic waves can cause the material to undergo intense forced motion, and the one-way force accelerates the transfer and diffusion of the material. Instead of mechanical agitation, the material can be peeled off from the surface, thereby renewing the interface.

Cavitation - In some cases, the generation of ultrasonic effects is related to the cavitation mechanism, which refers to the series of dynamics of tiny bubbles (holes) present in the liquid under the action of sound waves. Learning process: oscillation, expansion, contraction and even collapse. In the event of cavitation, the local state of the liquid changes greatly, resulting in extreme high temperatures and high pressures.

Third, the application area:

Sonochemistry can be applied to almost all chemical reactions such as extraction and separation, synthesis and degradation, biodiesel production, microbial treatment, degradation of toxic organic pollutants, biodegradation, biological cell comminution, dispersion, coacervation, purification and wastewater treatment. Anti-scaling and descaling areas and so on.

Fourth, the basic configuration: vibrator (transducer, horn, launcher), aluminum alloy casing, flange, drive power, one each.

This product can be customized according to the actual use of the customer, and the requirements can be customized:

High power box power: 50-600 watts

Tool launcher frequency: 20KHz-40KHz

Input voltage: 110V-240V; 50HZ-60HZ

Length of the launch head below the flange: custom made; bracket length: 50cm or customized

Housing: aluminum alloy case or plastic case, fan can be installed on the top of the case, and the case can be equipped with cooling holes.

Power adjustment mode: continuous or split type, adjustment range 60%-100%

Customizing the launching head: According to the various liquids, gels, corrosive conditions and reactor size requirements to be processed, the material is: titanium alloy

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