• Ultrasonic high power cleaning
  • Ultrasonic high power cleaning

Ultrasonic high power cleaning

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Ultrasonic cleaning machine high power and high strength

Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaning Ultrasonic cleaning has been recognized as having the following advantages: High precision Since the energy of ultrasonic waves can penetrate fine gaps and small holes, it can be applied to the cleaning of any component or assembly. When the parts to be cleaned are precision parts or assemblies, ultrasonic cleaning often becomes a cleaning that can meet its special technical requirements; rapid ultrasonic cleaning is much faster than conventional cleaning in dust removal and descaling of workpieces.

Therefore, some cleaning machines are wound around the heating cylinder to heat the heating wire for temperature control. When the temperature rises, cavitation is easy to occur, so the cleaning effect. When the temperature continues to rise, the gas pressure in the bubble causes the impact sound pressure to drop, and the effect is also weakened. The cleaning solution is washed at a temperature close to the boiling point. The final cleaning process also needs to be verified by a cleaning experiment.

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning: 1, good cleaning effect, high cleanliness and consistent cleanliness of all workpieces; 2, fast cleaning speed, production efficiency 3, clean holes for deep holes, slits and workpieces; 4, Non-destructive to the surface of the workpiece; 5, saving dissolution, heat, work site and labor. Ultrasonic is the vibration of the sound source. The reason why the ultrasonic cleaner can clean the dirt is caused by the following: cavitation, sound flow, sound radiation pressure and acoustic capillary effect. Second, the application range of ultrasonic cleaning machine is very wide: 1, , --- cleaning precision parts. Electronic circuit boards, aircraft wheels. A brake, air conditioning heat exchanger, bearings, various metal parts.



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