• Ultrasonic clean water system transducer and generator
  • Ultrasonic clean water system transducer and generator

Ultrasonic clean water system transducer and generator

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Product Description

    Studies have shown that ultrasound has the above-mentioned effects in water and can obviously resist algae growth under specific conditions.

Low Frequency Ultrasound: Low Energy Ultrasound has a strong control effect on the most harmful cyanobacteria in water, and also has a good inhibition effect on green algae and diatoms. Frequency 20-40 kHz and power density 0.2-0.5 W/cm2 were better than those of green algae and diatoms, and Anabaenaspp. was better than that of Microcystis spp.

High frequency ultrasound: When the frequency of ultrasound is 580 kHz, the concentration of free radicals in water reaches a peak, and the removal rate of Microcystis in water is the highest, which indicates that the removal of Microcystis by oxidation is more effective.

Working mode: Gap work is more effective, working 10-15 times a day, 5-15 minutes each time has better inhibition effect on algae.

Studies have shown that under certain conditions, ultrasound can also evidently eliminate aquatic organisms in the sound field area, killing aquatic organisms eggs and larvae.

Ultrasound parameters: When the frequency is 20-30 kHz and the power density is 0.3-0.5 W/cm2, the effect of repelling and killing aquatic organisms, especially marine organisms, is obvious.

Condyle treatment time: about 10-30 seconds.

Temperature environment: water temperature (30°C—45°C) is the best.

Ourcompany has developed a series of ultrasonic products with the above effects in combination with market demand.

     1  Fishpond: Repellent and prevent microorganisms, bacteria, parasites and cyanobacteria from multiplying in aquaculture farm water, eliminate all kinds of aquatic organisms and purify water quality.

   2  Water purification in still water areas such as rivers, lakes, swimming pools, ponds and intakes

    3  Marine heat exchanger box cooler.


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