UltrasonicExtraction various effective pharmaceutical ingredients

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Extract various active ingredients from botanicals using various volatile organic solvents under normal and low temperature conditions.
      The continuous countercurrent ultrasonic extraction equipment is equipped with the ultrasonic device invented by the company, and the extraction time is shortened to 20-40 minutes under normal and low temperature conditions, ensuring continuous operation and dynamic countercurrent extraction, improving production efficiency, reducing solvent dosage and reducing The extraction temperature ensures the product quality, reduces the energy consumption, ensures the safety of the production process, and avoids the environmental pollution of the dregs. It is a set of high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe and environmentally-friendly natural product production and processing equipment, which is widely used. Various natural products are extracted from botanicals using various solvents, particularly extraction using volatile organic solvents, and extraction of larger-scale single-flavored herbs. The promotion and application of this set of equipment will greatly promote the industrialization and modernization of Chinese medicine and natural products.





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