•  Ultrasonic Destory Alage
  •  Ultrasonic Destory Alage

Ultrasonic Destory Alage

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Product Description

Product Description


The Ultrasonic Algae Killer adopts unique ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic algae killer has wide frequency range and emits with certain one, which destructs algae cells strongly. The product floats directly on the water and emits ultrasonic wave with its probe rotating in all angles

Working Principle
The ultrasonic wave produces Mechanical effect, Heat effect, Cavitation effect, Thermolysis and Free Radicals effect, Acoustic Streaming effect, Mass Transfer effect and Thixotropic effect. The ultrasonic algae killer aims at algae cell wall' break, cell inactivation and growth restraints through mechanical and cavitation effect.

Technical Parmaeters:

Frequency: 20-200khz 

Power : 10-200W 

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