• Ultrasonic pulse anti-scaling device ( External install)
  • Ultrasonic pulse anti-scaling device ( External install)

Ultrasonic pulse anti-scaling device ( External install)

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Product Description

Product description
     Water-based heat exchangers, boiler fouling of equipment such as boilers are a major problem that plagues people. The scale on the wall of the heat exchanger greatly reduces the performance of the heat exchanger and therefore has to be cleaned. Traditional cleaning methods include mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning, both of which are extremely costly and harmful to the health of workers.

    A good way to solve the scale problem is to prevent scale formation. The traditional anti-scaling method is to chemically treat water by separating the hard salt in the water with a sodium ion exchange bed. However, even if it takes a lot of money to build water treatment equipment, it can't achieve 100% anti-scaling effect. The ultrasonic descaling method is superior to the conventional method in that it does not require any agent, that is, it does not need to add any substance to the water. The principle of ultrasonic descaling method is to use ultrasonic vibration to oscillate the metal structure of the heat exchanger and the water in the heat exchanger. Under these oscillations, the hardness salt in the water begins to crystallize and does not adhere to the wall wall oscillated at the same ultrasonic frequency. on.
     At the end of the twentieth century, Russia, South Korea and other countries have adopted acoustic descaling and anti-scaling technology. It has been proved by long-term practice that this technology is the most effective and scientific method for descaling and anti-scaling.
     Ultrasonic descaling and anti-scaling technology is a typical representative of modern high-tech descaling and anti-scaling technology. It is widely used in descaling and anti-scaling in industrial or civil heat exchange equipment. Ultrasonic descaling and anti-scaling equipment can not only solve the problem of descaling that has long plagued enterprises, but also solve the problem of anti-scaling fundamentally. It not only saves energy consumption, improves production efficiency, reduces enterprise cost, and does not pollute the environment. It is simple and convenient to operate, and has become an energy-saving and environmental protection expert for descaling and anti-scaling of industrial enterprises.
     Ultrasonic descaling and anti-scaling equipment mainly consists of ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic signal transmission cable, ultrasonic energy converter and pipeline assembly with ultrasonic transducer. According to the installation method, it can be divided into external, in-line and built-in.


1. Descaling and anti-scaling synchronization: equipment descaling and anti-scaling are carried out simultaneously, scale descaling, scale-free anti-scaling, one-time descaling, long-term anti-scaling.

2, low power consumption, low operating costs: single device system power consumption is only 1KW, the power output peak power is continuously adjustable, free of routine maintenance.

3, triple automatic protection, safe and reliable: the equipment uses overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating triple automatic protection, intelligent control, safe and reliable.

4. Humanized design, automatic control: The control instrument can automatically perform frequency tracking; automatically monitor the working state of the transducer and the load state of the device, and follow the response in time; when the device is in no-load operation, it can automatically emit an audible and visual alarm signal. And cut off the power protection device to run.

5. Clean and environmental protection: no chemical agents are needed in the whole process of descaling and anti-scaling, no corrosion, no interference, no pollution, no radiation, no pollution to the environment, no damage to operators and heat exchange equipment.

6. Energy saving and consumption reduction: The direct energy saving effect, the average energy saving is more than 30%, excluding the loss of the service life of the heat exchange equipment and other ways of descaling and shutdown.

       Ultrasonic descaling and anti-scaling equipment mainly consists of ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic signal transmission cable, ultrasonic energy converter and pipeline assembly with ultrasonic transducer. According to the installation method, it can be divided into external, in-line and built-in.

3 Application 


1. Chemical industry: various heat exchangers (plate heat exchangers, tube heat exchangers, spiral heat exchangers), cooling towers, preheaters, coolers, evaporators, boilers, circulating water pipelines, chemistry Reactor (such as silica reactor).
2. Pipeline industry: water supply and gas supply pipelines, circulating water transportation pipelines, nitrate water production pipelines for Yuanming powder production, crude oil gathering pipelines for petroleum industry, and circulating water pipelines for water injection wells.
3. Boiler industry: industrial water supply, steam supply boiler, northern secondary heating boiler, civil life boiler.
4, metallurgy, steel industry: medium frequency electric furnace, induction coil, fusible silicon, reactor, condenser, dewaxing boiler, ironmaking blast furnace, roaster, industrial electric furnace, boiler, power pump.
5. Yuanming powder production enterprise: evaporator and nitr water pipeline used in the production of Yuanming powder.
6, sugar enterprises: sugar factory evaporator descaling and anti-scaling.
7. Salt industry: evaporators and pipelines used in vacuum salt production.
8. Paper industry: Evaporator, boiler and conveying pipeline used for extracting lignin from pulp black liquor.
9. Sulfuric acid production enterprise: high temperature heat exchanger used for the production of sulfuric acid (tube, shell heat transfer)
10, the wine industry: alcohol distillation tower, boiler, pipeline descaling and anti-scaling; wine fermentation; softened water treatment; aging old mature, sterilization algae disinfection, precipitation filtration.
11. Thermal power plants: condensers, water supply and drainage pipes, and boilers.
12. Petroleum industry: oil drilling field boilers, crude oil gathering and transportation pipelines, water injection well gathering pipelines, oil storage tanks, oil wellhead dewaxing vehicle boilers.
13. Petrochemical industry: refinery sulfur-containing sewage stripping device, collecting pipe bundle, boiler.
14, heating industry: thermal power plant heat exchangers, condensers, heating boilers, residential secondary heaters.
15. Thermal power plants: descaling and anti-scaling of ash water pipes, return pipes, ash pumps, water pumps and boilers, condensers, couplings and heat exchangers; closed circulating water treatment.
16. Water treatment: softening treatment of industrial and domestic water, circulating water, sewage treatment, including reducing water hardness, sterilization, algae removal, deodorization and descaling and anti-scaling of pipelines.
17、Industrial special heat exchange equipment: rubber extruder, rubber mixer, pharmaceutical reactor, food bottle washer, chemical evaporator, ironmaking blast furnace, industrial electric furnace, vacuum coating machine, etc.
18, textile, printing and dyeing industry: workshop humidifier, steam boiler, water jet loom, central air conditioning, heat exchanger descaling and anti-scaling; dye homogenization, emulsification, refinement treatment.
19. Living facility heat exchange equipment: various boilers, central air conditioners, heat exchange stations, etc.
20, mechanism mechanics industry: mechanical parts, machine cleaning, removal

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