• 40 KHZ100W ultrasonic cavitaiton beauty  piezo transducer
  • 40 KHZ100W ultrasonic cavitaiton beauty  piezo transducer
  • 40 KHZ100W ultrasonic cavitaiton beauty  piezo transducer

40 KHZ100W ultrasonic cavitaiton beauty piezo transducer

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For ultrasonic beauty cavitation machine , lost weight slimming machine 

Frequency: 20-200KHZ,  pouplar frequency as  :20khz, 28khz, 33khz,  40khz, 50khz, 60khz, 

Power : 10-200W

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The beauty ultrasonic transducer can effectively deal with the stubborn thick and hard fat mass by the strong impact of the strong vibration emitted by the 40KHz low frequency sound wave on the fat cells. Through the principle of "cavitation phenomenon", the effect of implosion is formed in the cell tissue. The alternation of positive and negative pressure produced by the positive and negative pressures makes the internal and external pressure of the adipocytes unevenly and naturally blasting. The thermothermal effect of the focused strong wave is absorbed by the subcutaneous tissue and converted into heat by the strong vibration, thus improving the fat temperature, dissolving the deep fat ball into a liquid state, and discharging the body through the lymphatic system with the metabolic process, reducing the volume of adipocyte and reducing the number of adipocytes. The vibration of a strong sound wave has the best effect on the local and body weight loss. The vibration of the strong sound waves produces a strong shock, producing alternating positive and negative pressures in each cycle of the vibration, making the membrane of the fat cell subject to internal and external pressure, through deep massage to the various parts of the body, to the skin, the dermis and the subcutaneous fat layer. When it is mentioned, it is broken, emulsified, metabolized and expelled at the limit, thus reducing the number of adipocytes and protecting the nerve blood vessels to achieve the best effect of fat solution; this pressure can also break the collagen in the diaphragm and release it to the skin, making the skin smooth and fair. Through the test, strong sound waves effectively promote the metabolism of tissue, tighten the skin, strengthen the elasticity of the skin and so on. It can effectively treat the stubborn fatty mass and the orange skin fat. It uses the cavitation effect of the strong sound wave and acts on the fatty mass, and makes it break up and decompose and be absorbed by the lymphatic system and expelled in vitro. And the effect is lasting. At the same time, it can also enhance muscle elasticity and promote cell metabolism. The instrument has super strong negative pressure pushing and ultramicro permeation wave wall, suitable for many parts of the body. It can simultaneously output negative pressure activated cells and decompose fat simultaneously. The fat cells are dispersed in real time by negative pressure suction, and the effect of body weight loss is immediately seen! No matter how thick the fat can be completely eliminated, and the pound and the number of pounds can be maintained for a long time will not rebound.


Functional features of beauty ultrasonic transducer:
1, tighten the arms, calf, thigh, buttocks, waist and back, abdominal muscles, reshaping the figure.
2, increase the speed of body metabolism, accelerate the elimination of waste and moisture in the body.
3, repair the pregnancy striae.
4, relax muscles, relieve muscle spasms, relieve muscle pain symptoms.
5, body weight or local weight loss.
6, effectively improve the buttocks and thigh skin like orange, but also can solve postpartum or liposuction after abdominal relaxation problem.


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