Ginpertec 40khz 50W ultrasonic transducers

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Application :

Ultrasonic cleaning ,ultrasonic beauty , ultrasonic water treatment


Type Resonance Frequency  Static capacitance  Resonance Impendance Size( radial diameter  and length power Insulation Impendance  Notes
(KHz) (pF) (Ω) D*H (W) (2500VDC)
GPC-4AH-3540 40 ±1.0 4000±10% ≤20Ω 45*55 50w ≥100MΩ PZT4


High efficiency: high mechanical parameter Q, the transduction efficient between electricity and sound above 95%.
High amplitude: the transducer strength is improved by fixing the high speed vibrator directly on the base of washing groove with bolt. Compare with a magnetic expansion vibrator, its amplitude can be improved above 50%.
Good heat resistance: a large range of working temperature,low resonance impedance and heat productivity.
Good construction: fastened by bolt, easy for assembling, high reliability.



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