20khz 1500W ultrasonic horn with transducer

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Product Description

Crystal Oscillator





1.High Efficiency: of high mechanical factor. High transfer efficiency is obtained
when working in resonance frequency.

2.Big amplitude: designed and chosen by computer, high rate in oscillation speed and
big amplitude in front operculum.

3.Big Power: under the function of the pre-stressed force screw rod, the piezoelectricity
ceramics can work freely in the highest level of power.

4.In good heat resistance: of small resonance impedance, less heat produced, can be
used in a wide range of temperature with long life and high reliability.


Model Frequency Range Power Capacitor range Shape ` Ceramic Color PZT Diameter
GPW-8SS-5020-1T 19.70-20.00KHz 1500W 11000-16000 Column PZT8 50MM


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