Immersible ultrasonic transducer and generator

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2400w MAX

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Product Description

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine immersible 28K 40K 2000W ultrasonic cleaning transducer pack


1, Material SUS316L or Duplex Stainless Steel Optional

2, Hard Chrome Plated Surface Treatment

3, Customized to solve different problems with different frequency, power,shape,size etc

4, Multi-frequencies are available by identical transducer or different models of transducer

5. Ultrasonic transducer elements manufactured by Ginpertec itself for knowing better

6. Ultrasonic generator R&D and manufactured by Ginpertec itself for optimum matching

7. Key technologies held by Ginpertec which can give the fastest and most professional solution


The ultrasonic transducer immersible can be designed on requests,such as ultrasonic frequency,ultrasonic power,material and dimensions etc.The installation way is flexible on requests,too

Power  Dimension ( L*W*Hh)
600 457*165*86mm 406*146*70mm
600 356*254*86mm 279*210*86mm
800 603*165*86mm 540*146*86mm
800 311*311*86mm 279*279*70mm
1000 457*318*86mm 800*146*70mm
1000 610*254*86mm 540*210*70mm
1200 1003*203*86mm 825.5*165*70mm
1200 711*254*86mm 600*241*70mm
1200 543*318*86mm 470*279*70mm
1500 1219*165*86mm 1054*165*70mm
1500 889*254*86mm 889*254*70mm
1500 610*318*86 571*279*70
1800 650*500*100 650*500*100

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