HIFU Piezo Transducer Concave Piezo Ceramic

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Product Description

Piezo For High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Transducers


Ginpertec produces high quality piezo for HIFU (High Intesity Focused Ultrasound) transducers which are mostly used for tumour therapy, fat burning, beauty applications. Siansonic employs the patented nickel electrode and titanium alloys electrode technology for the piezoelectric ceramics to obtain much higher stable performance than conventional piezoelectric ceramics with silver electrode. The high qualitypiezo is widely used for medical, industry, military and aerospace.

Frequency Range: from 200kHz to10 MHz
Dimension: diameter from 2mm to 100mm
Shape: circle, concave, square and any other odd shapes. 
Electrode Pattern: customized patterns are available.


Nickel electrode: high stable and durableperformance 

Titanium alloys electrode: higher stable anddurable electrode for high precise sensors 
Various of shape options: wafer, half wafer, concave,square, ring. 

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