• Ultrasonic Pipe cleaning treatment
  • Ultrasonic Pipe cleaning treatment

Ultrasonic Pipe cleaning treatment

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1 Principle

The ultrasonic antiscaling and descalingequipment utilizes the comprehensive effects of cavitation, activation,shearing and fabrication, which are unique to power ultrasound. Thescale-forming substances in the fluid are treated by high power sound field.Under the action of ultrasonic "cavitation implosion", a series ofchanges in physical and chemical properties occur, which makes thescale-forming substances loose, disintegrate, crush and disperse into powder.It is loose from the wall of the pipe and not easy to adhere to form fouling.Cavitation: The energy of ultrasound directly produces a large number of voidsand bubbles in the treated fluid medium. When these voids and bubbles break upand extrude, a certain range of strong pressure peaks can be generated. Localpressure peaks can reach thousands of atmospheric pressure. Under the action ofpressure peaks, scaling substances are crushed and suspended in water, and thescales formed are broken to make them easy to fall off. This achieves thepurpose of ultrasonic descaling. 2. Activation: Ultrasound produces"cavitation" in fluid, improves the activity of flow fluid andscale-forming substances, destroys the conditions of scale formation anddeposition on heat exchanger tube wall, and makes scale-forming substances formdispersed deposits in fluid instead of hard scales on tube wall, so as toachieve the purpose of ultrasonic scale prevention. 3. Shearing effect:Ultrasound radiation produces asynchronous vibration on scales, pipe walls andwater due to different frequency responses to ultrasound, which results inhigh-speed relative motion. Relative shear force at the interface betweenfouling layer and heat exchanger tube wall caused by velocity difference leadsto fouling layer fatigue.



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