•  Ultrasonic Analysis Instrument 1MHZ
  •  Ultrasonic Analysis Instrument 1MHZ

Ultrasonic Analysis Instrument 1MHZ

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Product Description

It is a comprehensive solution for testing piezoelectric ultrasonic devices and devices.

1. the size is only 24cm*14cm* (before 5cm after 10cm), and the weight is only 1.95 kg.

      A portable ultrasonic impedance analyzer.

2. super touch screen, without physical buttons, displays all parameters and graphics at once, and is more intuitive.

3. ultra fast test speed, a test of 2000 points only takes 10 seconds.

4. can also be connected to the computer,The maximum test frequency of 5. is up to 5MHz.

6. Tsinghua University technology research and development team, SIEMENS automatic patch production process, three years warranty.


The following is the specification of 520A-s  (Improved).



  Impedance Analyzer
Frequency Range 1KHz~1MHZ , 1MHZ-3MHZ ,  1MHZ-5MHZ 
Basic Accuracy < 0.1 %
Scan Speed 10 seconds for each piece (2000 scan dots)
Frequency Accuracy ±5 ppm
Phase Accuracy 0.15 degree
Temperature Range 10~40 degree Celsius
Impedance Range 0.1Ω~1MΩ
Frequency Step 0.1Hz to Any
Measure Items

Resonance Frequency:  Fs

Half Power Frequency:  F1 and F2

Maximum real admittance at Fs:  Gmax

Dynamic Resistance:  R1

Anti resonance frequency:  Fp

Mechanical quality factor:  Qm

Free capacitance:  CT

Dynamic inductance:  L1

Dynamic capacitance:  C1

Static capacitance:  Co

electromechanical coupling coefficient:  Keff and Kp

Maximum real impedance at Fp:  Zmax

Measure Diagram


G-B (admittance circle coordinate)


R-X (impedance circle coordinate)




Amplification piezoelectric ceramic, ultrasonic transducer, power ultrasonic,  ultrasonic weld, ultrasonic clean, ultrasonic sensor



Max frequency is 5MHZ also  have in stocks

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