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Product Description

Frequency: 25 - 60KHZ plus essence and cleaning fluid, using ultrasonic cleaning mechanism of cavitation, to the effect of cleaning and guiding drugs, instead of the existing small bubble face washing machine.

2.4 Ultrasound Guidance

Principle: Ultrasound drug introduction (also known as Ultrasound-induced osmotic therapy) refers to a new technology of drug penetration promoting drug absorption through skin or mucosa by utilizing the mechanical vibration effect, thermo-thermal effect and physicochemical effect of ultrasound. Mechanisms include dispersion, thixotropy, cavitation, polymerization and depolymerization, anti-inflammation and repair of melanocytes.

2.4.1 Long-range ultrasound drug delivery

Professional medical guide machine (combined with water light needle delivery system) the traditional fat detector new (artificial smear medicated) facial (body) membrane assistant (combined mask, body film guide drug), long range guide drug frequency: 25 - 60KHz.

2.4.2 Ultrasound Short Range Guidance

Traditional facial thinner regeneration guide to dermis combined with low-frequency guide system multi-frequency, mixing ultrasound massage, warm, fat-exploding function, short-range guide frequency: 0.8-1 MHz.

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